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What a Year

This all started in 2020, I moved to a new city, to start a new job. I quickly realized the city life just wasn't for me. I wanted my own, True Homestead. I decided, Heck with it I'm going to go for it!

Step #1 Buy Land

First on the to do list; Buy Land. I purchased an 8 1/2 acre lot in southern Indiana to fulfill my life long dream of owning my very own Barndominium.

Clearing the Land

"Easier said than done" - Me, one week after starting this project!

Once the land purchase was complete, It was now up to me to start the difficult process of clearing the land to make room for the massive 40'x60' Barndominium of my dreams.

Literally, Ground Breaking.

Just about a year after purchasing the land, I was ready to break ground.

Of course, If you know me, You know I HAD to paint the shovel gold for this amazing day!

Just like that

One 2x4 at a time, The structure started to go up and it actually started looking like a real Barndominium.

This is..

The Eccentric Homestead

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Everything is still currently in work, which means there are updates every couple days.

The Picture Tab at the top will show you more and more details as we go on this Journey together.

Follow along as I take on this massively difficult task and bring you guys along for the ride.

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